Vibrating Hard On Hollow Penis Extender 6 Inch

Vibrating Hard-On Hollow Penis Extender 6 Inch


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Product Description

This vibrating version of our best-selling hollow penis extender is perfect for those who want to give their partner a little extra sensation during sex. Increase length and width, and give your partner vibrations too! Bring a whole new dimension to your sex life, regardless of who does the wearing. Firmer than many of our other vibrating penis extenders, this extender is suitable for men who have difficulty achieving an erection or women looking to explore role play or pegging. The shaft itself is made of firm plastic covered in latex, and features a strengthening rib for extra security. Located in the very tip of the extender is a multispeed vibrator – turn it on to give your partner orgasmic vibrations and control the speed via the wired remote controller. Coat your penis extender inside and out with a good-quality water-based lube before use to ensure maximum comfort for you and your partner.

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