Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Anal Beads with Finger Loop 12 Inch

Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Anal Beads with Finger Loop 12 Inch


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Stimulate those tantalising nerve endings in your bottom for enhanced orgasms the easy way. A basic yet fantastically effective toy from Tracey Cox, the silicone beads start small and get bigger for the ultimate release. Just like the best things in life. “They’re pretty cool to look at and good for first timers. You simply push them in as little or much as you like, leave in during foreplay, then pull out during orgasm to intensify the experience.” Tracey Cox Sleek and flexible for easy insertion, the length of 10 graduating beads slide in and out of your bum with Olympic-style finesse. Increasing in size from 1. 2 – 3 inches in circumference, insert as many or as few beads as you desire for the best level of stimulation. Remove the beads at the point of climax to dramatically enhance your orgasmic experience. “Beads are an easy way to explore and enjoy electrifying anal stimulation in a fun, non-threatening way,” says Tracey. “Simply insert, then pull out at the peak of orgasm!” Another top tip? Plenty of water-based anal sex lube is the only thing that could possibly make these bum beads any more pleasurable.

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