Titus Stainless Steel Through-Hole Princes Wand with Glans Ring

Titus Stainless Steel Through-Hole Prince’s Wand with Glans Ring


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A wand, for your wand! Conjure up feelings of excitement and satisfaction with the Princes Wand urethral sound. With a 1. 1 inch glans ring for external bliss, its 5 inch hollow probe offers deep penetration and satisfying stretch to leave you bewitched. You’ll love everything about this stainless steel dilator-ring combo. As if by magic it charms your most sensitive nerve-endings into a tingling frenzy for all-encompassing stimulation that’s unlike any other. Allow the firm ring to encircle your corona and enchant you with knee-trembling frenulum thrills, while its 5 inch probe reaches nerve-endings you didn’t even know existed. With its impressive length and 7. 9mm diameter it gives you the power to explore deep, stretched sensations at the drop of a hat. To top it all off, its hollow design (and obvious magical properties) means it never gets in the way of ejaculation or urination, and is perfect for prolonged wear. Shazam! Get it right: For safe urethral sounding, remember to clean your dilator before and after every use, and always use a good quality sterile lubricant during play. Sleight of hand recommended. The insertable probe measures 5. 9 mm diameter at its slimmest, and 7. 9mm at its widest.

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