Titus Stainless Steel Double Ended 5mm/6mm Dilator

Titus Stainless Steel Double Ended 5mm/6mm Dilator


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They say ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’, so why not give urethral sounding a try? This beginner’s probe has been expertly crafted to seek out and stimulate the often overlooked, super-sensitive nerve-endings which line the inside of your urethra. A toy that plays with your mind as well as your body, enjoy the sensation of genital penetration with this smooth penis probe. It features 2 rounded tips and an impressive 39g weight for seamless insertion, and an ergonomic curve that works with your body for maximum comfort and pleasure. Don’t forget to keep urethral play safe by cleaning your dilator before and after every use, and only ever using a sterile water-based lubricant each time you play.

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