Titus Stainless Steel Double Ended 3mm/4mm Dilator

Titus Stainless Steel Double Ended 3mm/4mm Dilator


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Good things come to those who wait, and believe us when we say you’ve been waiting for this. Re-designed with a slimmer profile, this double ended Titus urethral sound is aimed at experienced users who want deep penetration with minimum stretch. With rounded tips and a pleasing 16g weight, insertion is easy and smooth, while its curved shape makes penetration comfortable and seriously pleasing. Ensure urethral play is 100% safe by cleaning your probe before and after every play session, and always use sterile water-based lubricant throughout play. Top tip: If you haven’t explored urethral sounding before, please choose a wider probe. This dilator is too slim for beginners. See our Buyer’s Guides for extra info.

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