SINNER 7mm Ribbed Silicone Hollow Penis Plug

SINNER 7mm Ribbed Silicone Hollow Penis Plug


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Discover a new way to play with your penis with this beginner-friendly penis plug. Slender and flexible for first-time play, it slips into your urethra with ease to stimulate an array of highly sensitive nerve endings which often get overlooked. At 2. 3 inches in insertable length and 7mm in width, this gently ribbed probe is just the right size for newbies. Plus, with its flexible design, the risk of ‘doing it wrong’ is vastly reduced, making fool-proof exploration a doddle. To top it all off, it has a hollow design which enables urination and ejaculation during wear. Always use a sterile water-based lube with urethral toys to ensure safe, pleasurable insertion. (Sold separately.)

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