Rubber Girl Latex Open Cup Body

Rubber Girl Latex Open Cup Body


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You’ve heard of contouring your face; now contour your body and create killer curves with glossy skintight latex. Once on, it hugs your body like there’s no tomorrow and, after a good shine, enhances your curves with shiny highlights. Clinging to you in all the right places, this body boasts an open cup for easy bust access. Thanks to the inclusion of a full crotch, it’s perfect for public fetish events when teamed with a pair of nipple pasties (or private ones when teamed with nipple clamps!) Remember, latex clothing is very tight and needs a little assistance to glide on easily. Just grab yourself some silicone lube and apply it to the inside of your garment to help it slide on. Top tip: Silicone lube also works as a latex shiner. Apply a drop on the outer surface of your outfit once you’re in it and buff it up to create that famous latex shine.

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Rubber Girl Latex

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