Peekaboos White Heart-Shaped Nipple Pasties (2 Pairs)


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Product Description

Whether you’re looking to add the finishing touch to your open cup lingerie look, or want to stop your nips from poking through clothing when it’s a bit cold, these self-adhesive hypoallergenic nipple pasties are just the ticket. Practical and sexy! In pure white lace and satin-feel ivory, these pasties lend themselves particularly well to bridal lingerie looks, but can be worn with a number of ensembles. The lace pair are partly sheer and leave some nipple visible, whereas the satin-feel set are completely opaque for full coverage. For best stick, clean and dry the area before wear. Peel the back off and carefully place each pastie onto your skin, over each nipple. Press firmly. These pasties are designed to comfortably stay in place for up to 8 hours, and peel off easily when you’re ready to free your nipples.

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