Master Series Silicone Slave Collar

Master Series Silicone Slave Collar


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Product Description

Take a leaf from Britney’s book and make your intentions abundantly clear with this super-soft silicone collar by Master Series. Slender, flattering and oh-so Insta-perfect, it features silicone lettering that tells your lover “I’m a slaaaave, for you!” Practice your best “Oops!… I did it again” face and let this collar do the talking. Somewhere between a collar and a choker, this silicone neckband puts your kinky mind on show and projects your erotic preferences in a flash. Unlike many collars, this flattering band is more about displaying your role than for attaching a lead to, which makes it perfect for showing who’s boss (and who’s not) at fetish parties, role play scenarios, or even online. “Hit me Baby, one more time”? You got it!

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