Lovehoney Fantasy Plus Size Sexy Schoolgirl Costume

Lovehoney Fantasy Plus Size Sexy Schoolgirl Costume


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Play the sultry scholar and head to the top of the sex education class in our seductive schoolgirl ensemble. With its white sleeveless blouse and playful plaid mini skirt, this tart-an 2-piece will have you over the teacher’s knee in a trice. Plunging at the neckline to make the most of your bangers, the white shirt features tartan buttons to tantalise with a strip tease. Its deep tartan collar emphasises your cleavage, and adds a formal touch to your outfit. The skirt fastens via a Bucks-Fizz-style Velcro tab, allowing you to easily rip it off in the head of the moment, and is super-short to show off your legs and the lower curve of your butt. So slip on some over-the-knee socks, braid your hair into pigtails, and get ready for a detention you’ll never forget. Indulge your sexy fantasies with the Lovehoney Fantasy costume collection. Model is a UK size 18 and 5’4″ tall with a 36E bust. She is wearing One Size Queen.

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Lovehoney Fantasy