Kinklab Electrosex Power Tripper Neon Wand Attachment

Kinklab Electrosex Power Tripper NeonWand Attachment


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Give yourself superhuman abilities and revel in the ultimate power trip with this amazing electrosex toy by Kinklab. Just like a character from a comic book it gives you the awesome power to zap your lover with sparks that fly from your fingertips! Designed to be used with the Kinklab Neon Wand, the metal plate sends safe electrical currents through your body, turning you into a living, breathing tingle-tastic electrode for electrosex play unlike any other. To use, plug the slim end of this attachment into your Kinklab wand and place the wide curved plate against your skin. It’s slim profile is perfect for tucking into your underwear, but if you prefer to play in your birthday suit it can be held in place with a little bondage tape. Once you’re happy with placement, experiment with a range of touches to take full advantage of the thrilling prickles, flutters and throbs it has to offer. Try kissing, licking, spanking and full-on sexing to explore a full array of erotic enhancement and enjoy high voltage when you touch (when you kiss). If you’re wanting more power from your wand, this conductive electrode is for you. Even on the lowest setting the electro-stimulation is amazingly intense and can be altered further by varying the amount of contact you make with your partner. Lay on top of one another for barely-there stimulation, or experiment with tiny contact points (eg just your fingertips) for incredibly intense, concentrated sensation. Giving this electrosex toy a totally unique feature is its ability to create safe but visible sparks! Unlike other similar toys that enable invisible couples e-stim, this unit actually creates visible arcs of electricity that will jump from fingertips to lovers’ skin. Channel your inner supervillain by preparing a gut wrenchingly cheesy tagline and your best wild eyed evil laugh to really set the tone…. “MUA-HA-HA-HA-HA! TIME TO FRY!” As with all electrosex toys, there are certain safety precautions to consider and this type of pl

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