Fever Lingerie Wet Look Teddy with Full Zip

Fever Access All Areas Wet Look Zip Up Long Sleeved Body


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Once you zip up this skintight wet look bodysuit, we can’t guarantee Nick Fury won’t appear to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative. With its long sleeves, high neck, and 2-way full-length zip, super-sexy superhero status is yours in a trice. Stretchy and comfortable, the wet look fabric catches the light to emphasise your curves in all the right places. The hemline is cut high on the leg, giving a gorgeous action-heroine-style shape that just begs to be paired with thigh-high boots. Reaching all the way from the high collar around to the small of your back, the dual-direction zip allows you to reveal or conceal as much of your bare skin as you desire. You can even keep it fastened at the top, and daringly open at the bottom for completely uninhibited fun.

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