CB-X Chastity Plastic Locks (10 Pack)

CB-X Chastity Plastic Locks (10 Pack)


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Made by world-renowned CB-X and compatible with all padlockable devices, these numbered plastic latches slip through any lock loop for effective security. Use with your favourite cock cage, toy case or chastity belt for tamper-proof restraint. Individually numbered but cuttable, these plastic locks fit your CB-X chastity cage, as well as a multitude of other lockable toys and accessories. A great choice for chastity beginners who are nervous about jumping straight in at the deep end, these locks enable quick escape with scissors, but only with good reason! (The individual numbers will give the game away to your Dom, so you better come up with a good excuse if you’re planning to break free.) Perfect for those that require an escape route from their chastity belts for medical emergencies, airport travel or sports.

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