Adrien Lastic Anal Triball Beaded Butt Plug

Adrien Lastic Anal Triball Beaded Butt Plug


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Serving up three courses of tapered silicone beads, the Anal Triball is sure to satisfy any anal adventurer. Graduating from 2. 5 inches to 3. 5 inches in circumference, this curved finger-looped trio of beads is a great way to extend your anal repertoire. Made from 100% silicone, this skin safe trio is a cross between anal beads and a butt plug. Each bead is gently tapered, making inserting each increasing girth comfortable. The difference between the size of each bead and the central ‘thread’ is large enough to stimulate the nerves wonderfully and keep in place. With a curved shaft and beaded length, it gives pleasure to either sex, but is especially good at locating and massaging the male P-spot. Just be sure to coat each bead with a good squeeze of water-based anal lube before play.

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